Probit Leads the Pack


While the majority of our staff are working from home during the current crisis, we are actively monitoring voicemail and email requests and will respond as quickly as possible.

If you wish to have your number added to our internal-do-not-call-list, please call our toll-free number (855-288-4932) and, at the tone, leave the number you want added. This will block us from calling for not only the survey we were calling about in the first place, but from all future surveys as well. We have staff that monitors this line daily. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at [email protected] or you can enter your phone number to our Do Not Call List yourself by visiting: http://surveys.ekos.com/cwx.cgi?EN:DNCL


The cornerstone of our philosophy is “You no longer have to choose between quality and economy”.

From the top down the Probit team is made up of researchers, not sales people with no background in our industry.

We care about the quality of research methods and carefully participate in the broader research community looking to find better and more reliable ways to collect reliable samples.

We engage with our randomly recruited panelists and other respondents with respectful and responsible incentives to participate.

We are a modern solution for researchers in our field – we are experts in every mode of survey data collection (legacy methodologies thru-to cutting edge experimental designs), we are experts in custom micro-to-macro recruiting services (focus groups to large scale engagement exercises) and experts in probability sampling.