Q: How do I Sign-in to access the Member Panel?
A: Please visit www.probit.ca and under “Panel Member Sign In” click First time user? Click here. Following, please create a new password and re-enter the new password.

Q: I am unable to connect to a survey?
A: At times, surges in network traffic will cause temporary delays for participants when trying to connect with our host server, preventing access to the survey or the next screen within. If possible, we suggest coming back at a later time to complete the survey.

Q: What are the incentives for completing surveys?
A: Incentives are regularly offered for the surveys we conduct, via lottery, or direct remuneration, in the form of cash or gift cards. Applicable incentives will be explicitly stated in our survey invitations.

Q: How can I update my personal information (i.e. mailing address, email address)
A:We have recently improved the Probit portal website, so that panel members can have more direct access to their accounts. This includes a feature to update your personal information including your mailing address and your email address. Please follow the steps below to update your personal information:

  • Visit www.probit.ca and click on “Panel Member Sign In”
  • Enter your login credentials (if it’s your first time, click on “First time user? Click here” and fill out the necessary field. Use the same email address that is used when you receive survey invitations).
  • From there, you can update your personal information.

Q: I am unable to log into Probit online – getting the error message ‘more than one profile was found on this email address please contact Probit management team’.
To access your profile please contact us @ [email protected]