“I have used the services of Probit Inc. several times over the past few years. I have always been very satisfied with the level of service I have received from Probit staff: they were attentive to my needs, appropriately curious about by requirements, and efficient in implementing solutions. Probit has always been timely in their work, delivering when promised and implementing projects and changes as agreed.

The methodological approach used to build the Probit panel is an important factor distinguishing it from its competition. Potential respondents on the Probit panel did not self-select; they were randomly contacted with an invitation to take part in Probit surveys. That reduces the risks associated with Web intercept self-selection that is the trademark of much of Probit’s competition.

Another outstanding feature of the Probit panel is the parallel use of telephone interviewing and Web questionnaires. Using both data collection methods, Probit leaves no stone unturned and no potential respondent group unapproached.

I believe that it is the combination of the random invitations into the Panel and of the use of dual-mode data collection that explains why Probit results often approximate closely the results obtained by pure random digit dialing — at a fraction of the price.

Some of my projects have also benefited from Probit’s ability to complement panel sampling with interactive voice response (IVR) recruitment for specific needs. For example, I have needed to contact teenagers in substantial numbers: Probit offered me a vehicle to find them and collect much needed information from them.

In sum, Probit is my preferred supplier for data collection from a pre-recruited sample. I would not consider using another Canadian panel.”

Benoît Gauthier,
President – Circum Network Inc.

“We have used Probit for a number of studies requiring a probability sample.  We have been impressed with their level of client service and attention to detail. They clearly care about doing the best for their clients.”

Jim Peterson,
Managing Director – RSG