April 2015 Newsletter


April 2015, Issue: 7

April 2015 edition of the Probit newsletter

Dear member of the Probit research panel:

While we continue to develop and carry out new studies, we would also like to share some of our recent results with you – our panel. As always, be on the lookout for survey invitations in the weeks ahead. Your invaluable input is necessary and deeply appreciated.

Your Views

Over the last couple of months you, our panellists, have answered some brief surveys related to the health care system.

We asked you, across Canada, “Which of the following aspects of health care is of greatest importance to you?”. The most common responses were “Quality of health care services” (42.8%) and “Equal access to health care for all Canadians” (37.7%).

Important Aspects of Health Care

When looking at what should be the most important principle in improving the health care system your top two responses were “Improving the overall health of the population” (29.9%) and “Improving value for money in the health care system” (28.5%).

Improving the Health Care System

We also went out to all of our Quebec panellists, earlier this year, and asked them “Has the quality of health care over the past two years improved, deteriorated, or stayed the same?”. Nearly half (48%) of respondents answered stayed the same, while almost 4 in 10 (38.2%) feel the quality of health care has deteriorated over the past 2 years.

Quality of Health Care

In the News

A few of the surveys you’ve participated in since the new year have been published in the news as well: CBC’s current affairs show Marketplace used results from two Probit polls in their episodes, one on Ambulance fees (click here) and another on Orange juice (click here).

Another survey you participated in earlier this year, on Arctic security, has just recently been in the news. You can check out an article here and if you’re interested you can find the entire report on the Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation’s website (click here).

Panel Member Portal, Improvements and Updates

We encourage you to visit the Panel Member Sign In section of www.probit.ca, where you’ll have the chance to update your panel profile and participate in any new Probit surveys as they become available. First time user? Click on the link provided in the member portal and select a password. For any other inquiries related to panel membership please send us an email to [email protected]

We also invite you to check out the results of some of our other projects at www.ekospolitics.com

Congratulations to our Prize Winners!

We would like to offer a big congratulation to the winners of our most recent draws, all of who won cash prizes by taking part in our surveys.

  • E. W. ON, $500 cash
  • C. D. BC, $500 cash

Probit: What We Do

The key principle of Probit‘s methodology that distinguishes our panel from others is that the Probit research panel is probability-based. This allows us to accurately project survey data to the total Canadian population versus non-probability opt-in online panels. For more on this subject, please click here.

A Friendly Reminder

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