March 2014 Newsletter


March 2014, Issue: 3 – Special Edition

Dear member of the Probit research panel:

Spring 2014 is shaping up to to be a very busy and productive period for Probit Inc. In the weeks ahead, we’ll undertake plenty of new studies, with new results to share with you – our panel; this means many new opportunities to have your voice heard, on a wide range of topics. Be on the lookout for survey invitations in the weeks ahead. Your invaluable input, as always, is necessary and deeply appreciated.

Your Views – Recent Studies, Highlights and Impressions

In a recent poll, commissioned by the CBC, EKOS examined the perspectives of Quebec francophones and anglophones. Results showed that half of Quebec’s anglophone and allophone population have considered leaving the province in the past year; with political uncertainty, the economy, and taxes as the top reasons for potentially leaving Quebec.

Chart - Considering Leaving Quebec

When asked in mid-February “If a provincial election were to be held tomorrow, what would you say is the issue that is most important to you?”. Almost half of respondents, 42%, said that jobs or the economy mattered the most to them.

Chart - Most important provincial Election issue

For more on the CBC special report “Stay or Go”, please visit this page.

A few weeks ago, another poll saw Probit consult our panel to determine the number of medals you predicted Canada would win in the Sochi Olympics. Responses were all over the map. Some predicted Canada would come home utterly empty-handed, others guessed upwards of 40 medals.

Chart - Expected medal count at Sochi

The average response, about 20, was pretty accurate, if a little pessimistic, given the 25 medals we in fact won.

In another recent survey, our panel was asked about Rogers Communications Inc.’s $5.2 billion broadcast deal for exclusive rights to all NHL games for the next 12 years. Firstly, an astonishing 79% had heard of the deal. Of this 79%, our panel did not particularly care for it.

Chart - Awareness of Rogers-NHL deal

For more on these studies, please visit this page.

Relevance of Probability Sampling

In a presentation delivered at a research conference in Toronto (“Netgain 8.0”), Frank Graves (Owner and President, EKOS Research) detailed the continued importance of probability-based sampling to social and market research and its necessity in properly representing the opinions of all Canadians.

To find out more about Frank’s presentation, please visit this page.

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