Seven Differences


Probit is…

Connected – if we can not help you with your research assignment we will know someone who can.

Scrupulous – we set the highest standards for ourselves and our deliverables.

Accurate – our methodologies support longitudinal tracking, and systematically benchmark to population parameters and external benchmarks.

Unbiased – our business model relies on repeat business and word of mouth amongst researchers in our field – our very survival depends in delivering unbiased survey results.  Moreover – we offer unbiased service to our clients.

Veteran – The Probit executive team has, combined, more than 50 years experience in the field.  Probit was born from EKOS, an undisputed leader in the research field for over 30 years.

Canadian – We are one of the last Canadian owned and operated B2B market research organizations.  We are proud of that, very proud.

Value – You no longer have to choose between quality and economy.  When you partner with us you will offer greater value to your end-clients.  No question.